The United Taxi Association Forum on Friday gave President Jacob Zuma two weeks to act on his promise of intensified talks about government’s Bus Rapid Transit system.

Two days before April elections Zuma supported a call from the taxi industry to put the implementation of the BRT on hold, until more talks could take place between government and the industry.

The forum met taxi bosses from around the country on Friday to brief them about developments with regards to the BRT and to call on them to unite against the public transport system.

The forum’s Ralph Jones said Zuma had gone quiet since supporting the industry at Gallagher Estate last month.

“The new administration is there and we have not received any communication whatsoever. We can’t wait for long; it’s already a month now. We have given them until the 6th of June,” said Jones.

Jones said the industry needed to address government with one voice.

“When we say no to it we all say no, when we yes we all say yes. This is the way we want it and whatever pain is there in Gauteng will be felt by other provinces,” said Jones.