Despite South Africa boasting of exceptional infrastructure in the region, huge concerns have been raised over its capacity to meet the technological advances on mobile communications, especially with the country hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

However, Vodacom South Africa, the largest mobile network operator in the country, is convinced that it can live to the expectation, saying several measures have been put in place to match international standards and the anticipated influx of foreigners for the soccer extravaganza.

Vodacom chief communications officer, Dot Field, said 2010 visitors would be able to use the Vodacom network to access the internet via 3G and HSDPA from their cellphones or laptops.

“Visitors top the 2010 World Cup will be able to use the Vodacom network to access the internet via 3G and HSDPA from their cellphones or laptops, as well as upload content that includes pictures with Vodacom’s HSUPA service,” said Field.

He said Vodacom, especially with its partnership with Vodafone, now offers the latest voice and data communications technologies to customers in South Africa.

Vodacom is working closely with various parties to ensure that the required communication infrastructure is in place, nationally, including at stadiums.

Thanks to Vodacom’s partnership with Vodafone, customers and visitors are also part of the Vodafone World of predictable and transparent international roaming costs and seamless roaming.

Previous World Cup hosts, which are mainly developed countries like Japan, Italy, and France, have lived to the expectations as they boast of sophisticated mobile phones and networks in the world.

Nevertheless, the South African mobile market has shown exceptional growth since inception and is the fourth fastest growing GSM market in the world.

There are currently three mobile communication network operators in SA, namely Vodacom SA, MTN and Cell C.

Vodacom has approximately 55 percent market share, while MTN has about 34 percent and Cell C 11 percent.

AUTHOR: ITNewsAfrica Reporter
DATED: 3rd November 2008