The UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, has published his first report to the UN General Assembly on progress in international road safety. The Report calls upon Member States to continue using the WHO-World Bank World report on road traffic injury prevention as a framework for road safety efforts, and to pay particular attention to the risk factors mentioned in this report. It also calls on Member States to be cognisant of the safety needs of vulnerable road users, for example through improvements for public transport and separate road space for pedestrians and cyclists. In his report the UN Secretary-General calls for a ministerial conference on road safety to be held under the auspices of the UN in the near future and also stresses the need for an appropriate global tool to monitor progress.

The report summarizes achievements from the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration, a network of more than 40 agencies facilitated by the World Health Organization. Among the major recent achievements highlighted is the First UN Global Road Safety Week held in April 2007 and celebrated through hundreds of national events focussed on youth and road safety as well as World Youth Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland. The Report also draws attention to a series of good practice manuals developed by partners from the UN Road Safety Collaboration and aimed at addressing some of the key risk factors for road traffic injuries – drink driving, seat-belts, helmets, speed, visibility, etc.

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