Intertoll is an international toll and motorway infrastructure developer and operator, based near Johannesburg, South Africa, and is the country’s foremost toll operations company, with international operations located in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Intertoll provides effective development and management of motorway infrastructures on behalf of investors and users. It pursues toll road development and allied activities as a specialist integrator and service provider, and operates and maintains toll roads.

Intertoll supports the design and development of toll and motorway facilities and the supply of toll and motorway management equipment. It is an independent company that is not tied to any equipment suppliers. As such it focuses on specifying the best equipment to customers’ requirements and then procuring the most suitable equipment in terms of the agreed parameters.

Solid and diverse experience in establishing and operating toll roads gives Intertoll an understanding of what the future might hold for the client in terms of traffic growth, facility expansions, tariff increases and public relations. Working with Intertoll enables the client to co-opt a skilled multinational and multicultural company. Intertoll’s approach is to carefully analyse and assess the client’s requirements from a long-term operator’s perspective and then, in collaboration with the client, apply its specific knowledge and know-how to the project. Intertoll has planned, co-ordinated and executed the integration of operations and equipment on many major toll projects, including:

  • M5, Hungary – route extension with 36 new toll lanes
  • CRT, Brazil – route extension with new plazas
  • Linha Amarela, Brazil – 20 lane toll facility including ETC
  • N17, South Africa – existing operation taken over
  • Noida Bridge, India – 28 lane toll facility including ETC
  • Bangabandhu Bridge, Bangladesh – upgrade of toll facility and integration of CCTV and overload protection system within first year

Our experience in processing 2.5 million vehicles per week, 24 hours per day, and managing over 1,000km of motorway worldwide enables the client to benefit from our knowledge and skills accumulation. This experience has allowed Intertoll to develop toll operation policies and procedures with a maximum of transparency and auditability. As a result Intertoll has been entrusted with the stewardship of important national assets in the following countries:

  • N3 Mariannhill Plaza, South Africa – 30,000 vehicles/day, manual and automatic toll collection
  • M5, Hungary – full winter and summer maintenance, multiple mainline and ramp plazas
  • N17 Gosforth Plaza, South Africa – 28,000 vehicles/day, manual and automatic toll collection
  • Linha Amarela, Brazil – 80,000 vehicles/day, manual, automatic and ETC toll collection
  • N1 Kranskop Plaza, South Africa – 350,000 vehicles/holiday weekend peak, manual and automatic toll collection
  • Bangabandhu Bridge, Bangladesh – full facilities management of US$ 1 billion bridge infrastructure including river training works, bridge monitoring and maintenance, toll operations and maintenance, road maintenance, traffic management and security

Being involved in the structuring of toll road projects has given Intertoll a working knowledge of allocating risk and resources where they can be optimally managed. As a systems integrator Intertoll has successfully assumed the responsibility for turnkey toll and motorway management systems and the booth-to-bank risk in virtually all its toll operations. Credit and debit card systems are operated at 90% of our toll facilities.

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