Buses to hit the road in two weeks amid dissatisfaction.

Two taxi bodies have thrown their weight behind the Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit system which was launched in Soweto yesterday.

Greater Johannesburg Regional Taxi Council (GJRTC) and Top Six, who represent 10 taxi associations that would be affected by phase 1A of BRT, said they were upbeat with the initiative.

Phase 1A of BRT, which stretches from Soweto to Ellis Park, will start operating from August 30.

GJRTC’s Eric Motshwane said they were still negotiating with the Johannesburg metro council.

GJRTC and Top Six are part of the temporary company that w ill run the business until a formal company is formed.

“We support BRT. Negotiations with the City of Johannesburg are unfolding. We have finished drafting the guidelines on how we would like to see the process going.

“We have conducted studies about our expected profit margins. The city needs to give us their offer,” Motshwane said.

On the other hand, the United Taxi Associations Forum (Utaf), which represents those disgruntled with BRT, said they felt they had been disrespected.

Utaf’s Ralph Jones said: “We are very disappointed. We feel the City of Johannesburg has no respect for us.

“We objected but they still went ahead with the launch. We will have a meeting on Wednesday to decide a way forward,” Jones said.

He could not give an exact number of their members that will be affected.

Meanwhile, thousands of Soweto residents converged in Thokoza Park to see and feel the new luxury coaches.

Sindi Dube of Pimville, said after taking a ride: “It is very nice. I like it. Though I am not working, but I will want to use it when I go to Johannesburg.”