The Automotive & Transportation Group at Frost & Sullivan will be hosting an online analyst briefing presentation on Tuesday, 3 November, 2009 at 16:00 GMT, to analyse future trends in the ETC market, assess the global footprint of ETC systems, and highlight the competitive analysis and benchmarking exercise.

The year 2009 witnessed a sharp spike in demand for Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) systems on motorways and highways worldwide. In response, market participants have been preparing for intense competition as they jockey for optimal positioning within the market. Frost & Sullivan says it has strategically benchmarked the capabilities of ETC market participants based on five key factors: technical competence, innovation levels, global presence, ETC industry success and how each company is positioned for future growth.

“The recent economic downturn, coupled with the urgent call to combat climate change while improving road safety, has forced policy makers, suppliers and operators to think innovatively about transportation solutions. This, in turn, fuelled the need to implement a viable EETS across Europe. ETC solutions have already sparked much interest across the Americas, Africa and APAC, where they show high growth potential,” observed Frost & Sullivan’s research associate from the Automotive & Transportation Group, Harish Baskar.

PUBLICATION: ITS International
DATED: 23rd October 2009