The 2010 World Cup will leave a football legacy through various development programmes, while organisers on Monday promised tourists “a truly African festival” during the event.

“The hosting of the World Cup will leave a lasting legacy for football in this country,” Danny Jordaan, head of the local organising committee, told journalists.

“One of the worst legacies of sport under apartheid is the dearth of football facilities in disadvantaged areas and the complete lack of recognition and support by the apartheid government of the sport.”

He said a project called ‘Win In Africa With Africa’ will equip the host continent with the ability to continue its football development and will include construction of 52 football pitches.

Forty-four of these are already complete and 15 have already been used for 2010 qualifying matches.

As part of the tournament’s legacy, Minister of Arts and Culture Lulu Xingwana promised tourists “a truly African festival”.

She said her department has met with other African ministers and the African Union commission responsible for arts and culture to provide artists and musicians.

She said this was “to ensure when we have festivals and carnivals they participate to make this an African tournament”.

Xingwana said there would be various cultural precincts around training venues to showcase, art, song and dance from all over the continent.

DATED: 15th September 2009