Dynamic electronic product development specialist, Periseo – a resident in The Innovation Hub’s Maxum Business Incubator – has developed a novel Compact Passenger Counter which has been proven to deliver a level of counting accuracy greater than 95% at a substantially lower cost than other competing passenger counters.

The Compact Passenger Counter is the only locally developed passenger counter on the market and was custom designed for IT solutions provider, MMIV (MultiMedia InnoVations), to be used in conjunction with its Transport Intelligent Monitoring Systems.

Currently being used for fleet management by bus operators, the Compact Passenger Counter mounts onto the vehicle’s ceiling platform. Through the use of the sensing unit consisting of an infrared transmitter matrix and a detector matrix, the intelligent algorithms implemented on the onboard embedded microprocessor interpret the measured signals in real-time.

According to Periseo’s Director, Dawie Janse van Vuuren, the internal real-time clock allows for each transaction to have its own individual timestamp. The calculated information related to the passengers boarding and leaving the vehicle is then stored to memory which is capable of storing up to 500 transactions per day for four weeks.

“The device also interfaces via a USB port to MMIV’s monitoring unit, which means that the operators can extract current data whenever they require it or access stored data at a later stage,” he adds.

The Compact Passenger Counter’s performance has been verified by MMIV, with a reported accuracy rate in the field of better than 95%.

“Other similar products are just not as accurate. For this level of accuracy, one has to spend considerably more money and that can work out to paying the cost of a whole monitoring system just for one element,” says Janse van Vuuren.

He attributes this ability to keep costs low to innovative design combined with a wealth of in-house technical skills. With close to half of the Periseo team being Bachelor and Master graduates, this complement of expertise covers a wide range of fields from opto-electronics, signal processing and control to PC and embedded hardware and software development and mechanical draughting.

Even with these impressive results, the Compact Passenger Counter is still essentially a base-line model and can be further enhanced for a broad scope of applications. “This current design is best suited for single-file counting, but it can be upgraded to work even in taxis, which have a more complex process of admitting passengers,” says Janse van Vuuren.

For more information on Periseo, contact Dawie Janse van Vuuren at dawie@periseo.com or on +27 82 447 7536.