The Rea Vaya team is currently in the process of developing a Guideline on Traffic Control Devices specifically for BRT systems.

This covers all lane markings, including lane colourisation, which will be used in Johannesburg for Rea Vaya, as well as for the other BRT systems constructed across South Africa.

The Department of Transport is also seeking comment from the SADC Region before finalising the document. This process of development and approval of standardised road markings is a first in South Africa and will probably set the standard for future BRT systems in Africa.

BRT lanes should be easily distinguishable from other lanes, such as bus lanes or mixed traffic lanes. Various methods are available, varying from pigmented asphalt, epoxy coatings and ‘slurry seals’ to paint. After investigating the options, the team has taken a decision to further explore the use of a meter-wide paint strip to demarcate the BRT lanes.

In keeping with BRT’s eco-friendly slant, a “green lane” might be on the cards. At present tests are being conducted using various paint products and colours to determine durability, aesthetics and cost effectiveness.

Following this, the paint specification requirements will be finalised and the colour formalised in the Guideline for Traffic Control Devices, with the assistance of the Johannesburg Roads Agency and the Department of Transport.