Johannesburg is on track to implement the Bus Rapid Transport system (BRT), in attempts to improve the city’s transit network before the World Cup.

The preview phase of the project should be complete in time for next year’s Confederations Cup, which will serve as a test run before the biggest sporting competition in the world kicks off in 2010.

The system, modelled on one successfully employed in Columbia, and involving the use of 143 buses travelling in dedicated rapid-transport lanes and amongst normal traffic, will be an integral part of plans to accommodate the massive influx of tourists.

Bob Stanway, project manager, speaking to the Sunday Times said: “We are planning to go live in mid-May 2009, a month before the Confederations Cup tournament.”

The construction of infrastructure for the project is ahead on schedule, with the first rapid transport bus station launched on November 4.

DATED: 17th November 2008