Note: Membership is on a sliding scale based on relative size of the company. Rather than using turnover as category criteria, we use “number of staff” which refers to total company size NOT the number dedicated to ITS.

Annual Membership fees

National Department
R 59,100
R 59,100 
Provincial Department
R 42,070
Metropolitan Category A
R 44,290 
Metropolitan Category B
R 29,560
Metropolitan Category C
R 14,815 
Consultancy/Business > 30 members
R 29,560 
Consultancy/Business 10 – 29 staff members
R 22,145 
Consultancy/Business 7 – 9 staff members
R 14,815
Consultancy/Business 4 – 6 staff members
R 9,890 
Consultancy/Business 1 – 3 staff members
R 4,945
Research Institution
R 9,890
Educational Institution
R 4,945
€ 460
*Africa Chapter
R 0.00
*Honorary Members
R 0.00

*Africa Chapter = As part of a strategic objective to promote ITS locally and regionally, ITS South Africa introduced an Africa Chapter as membership category for “public sector transport organisations in fellow African countries,” SOUTH AFRICA EXCLUDED.
**International = To qualify for the special rate for International Members, the prospective member:
  • Does not have its own local office in South Africa for the company; and
  • Complete the membership application form and pay the category fee in full;



  1. Membership Invoices are payable on presentation.
  2. If membership invoices are not paid within 3 months, ITSSA reserves the right to suspend and then cancel membership benefits.
  3. Cancellations must be received within 1 month of date of issue.  If no cancellation is received within a month, you will be liable to settle the full account.

  • Click here to complete the Membership Renewal Form .