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Rules are made by those that participate

ITS South Africa is a membership-based organisation representing the public and the private sector. It consists of government bodies and its implementation agencies across three tiers of government and of manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and consultants, users and potential users of ITS technology. It is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) and holds an Annual General Meeting where a Board of Directors is elected to oversee its strategy and programme of action that is implemented by the ITS South Africa CEO.

The Intelligent Transport Society South Africa ensures that ITS and related organisations are kept up to date with the technology revolution and allows one to harness the technology and gain the benefit it offers.

In all of this, the focus is to help grow the local industry for clients, suppliers/service providers and end-user of mobility solutions.  To this end, its strategic aim is to promote the deployment of ITS solutions:

  • To make transport operations more efficient;
  • To make using transport systems more people-friendly;
  • To reduce transport-related fatalities and injuries; and
  • To reduce the carbon footprint of the transport sector

ITSSA brings members access to the industry’s most essential technical Information, networking opportunities, career development tools via training courses and many other exclusive benefits such as tender opportunities, focused industry related news letters, achievement awards.

Member benefits

ITS South Africa offers members operational and strategic benefits.

The operational benefits include:

  • Regular “Tender Opportunities”;
  • Weekly Industry News;
  • Weekly AFRICA Industry News;
  • Workshops and webinars on knowledge-sharing and capacity-building, e.g. “Steps to Mitigate Congestion”, “Make Better Use of Movement Data”, “Safeguarding Commuters against Covid-19”, “Public Transport in a Perfect Storm” – as some examples
  • Access to training sessions and Master Class events;
  • Opportunity to earn CPD points;
  • Networking with peers;
  • Listing (alphabetically and by Industry Sector) in the Members Directory;
  • Access to the ITSSA Knowledge Management portal of documents;
  • The IT’S Acronyms and Abbreviations Guide;
  • Special Interest Groups for focused interaction
    • SIG on Mobility 4.0;
    • SIG on Road Safety; and
    • Green Transport
  • Acknowledging achievement through the biennial Award for Outstanding Achievement;
  • The biennial International Smart Mobility Conference and Exhibition where local projects and achievements can be show-cased, bench-marked against global best practice, for knowledge-sharing, business opportunities and to gather business intelligence;
  • ITSSA is a Founder Member of the ITS Africa Working Group together with ITS Ethiopia and ITS Nigeria; and
  • An outreach to colleagues in the Africa through free membership for public sector bodies on the Continent of the ITSSA Africa Chapter.

ITSSA is also actively supporting the standards process to positively influence the direction and application of standards development, as we appreciate the lead society must take in this regard and ensure the industry benefits from standards promoting interoperability.

The strategic benefits include:

  • ITSSA interacts with Government bodies, authorities and implementation agencies on matters affecting policy and strategy;
  • Creating awareness for the role of technology and on-going innovation to solve problems;
  • Serve as a thought-leader on smart mobility issues; and
  • Provide input and comment on Government initiatives, such as submissions to the Presidential Commission on the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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