ITS Acronyms

Deciphering the “Alphabet Soup” of Acronyms

This ITSSA Acronyms, Abbreviations and Terminology for ITS Systems document is brought to you with the aim to help our communication with one another and to help improve clarity and consistency of meaning and to decipher the “alphabet soup” of acronyms in our documentation.

Given the increasing specialisation in the subfields of Intelligent Transport System planning and operations, and the linkages with related fields, the list of acronyms has grown exponentially in the previous few years. This practical reference document is part of the on-going services to our members as part of our collective efforts on “Making Transport Work Smarter for All.”

This document is numbered Version 2 as an update from the original base-line document and includes acronyms and terminology from fields such as the 4th Industrial Revolution, Big Data and Cyber Security.

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