There’s no real need for a public outcry over number plates, Uproar over plan for new car plates (June 14).

If indeed Gauteng is running out of car numbers, only new numbers will be problematic. Surely these can be generated harmlessly by a new system as they’re needed?

There is no need to waste time and money altering existing number plates, especially if that will help metro cop speed-trapping.

Gauteng public transport spokesman Alfred Nhlapo has explained that the limitations of the new system will be explored before it is implemented and that phasing-in will take a number of years.

Motorists won’t all have to re-register at the same time and the new system won’t entail motorists paying an additional cost. That all sounds thoroughly sensible.

So, even if you’re one of those rushing off to queue to renew your driving licence on time while the eNatis system is still not delivering, don’t also go rushing off to change your existing number plates. Just be sure to get the new kind at the normal price when next you change your vehicle.