Eng. John Shauri

Eng. John Shauri

SEVERAL measures have been taken to simplify the way upcountry buses leave Ubungo Bus Terminal (UBT).

The steps, agreed by the Dar es Salaam Rapid Transit (DART) Agency; SUMATRA, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project consultant, SMEC and the project’s contractor, STRABAG seek to ease traffic at UBT area especially during peak hours in the morning.

According DART Agency’s Director of Infrastructure and Operations, Eng. John Shauri, the built divider between mixed traffic lanes and BRT lanes opposite Gate 1 of UBT will remain as built.

Eng. Shauri said that upcountry buses leaving UBT via Gate 1 or 2, would be allowed to join the BRT lanes opposite Gate 2 and will then turn around on the BRT lanes east of the Ubungo BRT Terminal and proceed to the Ubungo junction on the BRT lanes.

“After that they will proceed towards Kimara on the mixed traffic lanes,” he said, adding that they will use the lanes until the interim service begins within the system,” the director explained.

However, Eng. Shauri said the permanent solutions for the upcountry buses were also sought and give a smooth flow of other vehicles.

This arrangement will stay in place until other arrangements are found for upcountry buses leaving UBT (such as the road to be built behind UBT or transfer of UBT to Mbezi).

BRT system is expected to become the core public transport provider in the city, consisting trunk buses operating on exclusive bus ways at the centre of major roads.

The first phase of the project includes construction of 20.9- kilometre special trunk road from Kimara terminal to Kivukoni area, Msimbazi road from Fire to Kariakoo-Gerezani area and a part of Kawawa Road from Magomeni to Morocco junction.