Sofia municipality announced yet again a new deadline for the introduction of an electronic ticket system for public transport, said. On February 5 Sofia deputy mayor for transport Velizar Stoilov said the new system would start working on July 1 2008. The new system had been anticipated for more than three years.

The electronic ticket system will first be installed in trams and trolleybuses. It was still unknown when the new system would start functioning in buses. This would mean that until the new system is installed in all public transport, prices for tram and trolleybus tickets will be different from tickets for buses.

Stoilov also confirmed that ticket prices for Sofia public transport would rise in the spring of 2008, said. At the moment, tickets costs 0.70 or 0.80 leva, depending on where they are bought. According to Stoilov, the prime cost of a ticket was currently 0.81 leva, which made the price increase necessary.

Sofia municipality management announced the increase of public transport ticket prices two weeks ago. However, the only official proposal made so far was for increase in the price of monthly passes for the entire public transportation network from 37 to 40 leva, said.

Stoilov asked Sofia municipal council’s transport committee to come out with a proposal on the new ticket price.