Commuter representatives on Saturday pledged their support for the Bus Rapid Transit [BRT] system saying that it would help improve the lives of public transport users.

“We disagree with the threats made against the implementation of the BRT systems as we understand the importance of the implementation of the BRT project and [Fifa World Cup] 2010 guarantees given by the country to the LOC [Local Organising Committee],” said Dumisani Mthalane of the SA National Civic Organisation in a statement.

Government, he said should have included commuter representatives in negotiations concerning the BRT as they were the most affected.

He said the taxi industry was the service provider and commuters were the true stakeholders who would pay for the service.

Commuters were concerned that government was being held at ransom by the taxi industry which continued to see strike actions threats as a solution.

The department of transport met with Sanco, trade unions and other non-governemental organisation to discuss issues around the BRT system in Boksburg on Saturday.

As representatives for public transport users his organisation was convinced that the BRT system was an advanced model of transport that would contribute towards bettering the lives of commuters.

“We therefore support the government’s implementation framework of BRT systems and we believe that any opposing view is selfish and opportunistic,” he said. – Sapa