BMW has joined forces with telematics service providers Connexis and WirelessCar to establish a stable and uniform interface infrastructure for delivering end-to-end telematics services. The companies aim to create a flexible protocol platform open to all telematics providers and vehicle manufacturers, and capable of meeting rapidly changing industry needs.

The Next Generation Telematics Protocol (NGTP), presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, enables drivers to access new services without the hassle of making technical adjustments inside the vehicle. BMW claims that changing customer needs can also be more rapidly addressed using NGTP, which allows for easy swapping of services.

NGTP separates the components of the telematics delivery chain and introduces a ‘dispatcher’ to provide a single interface between the telematics unit in the vehicle and telematics service provider (TSP). Since the interfaces are technology-neutral, all back-end components including the dispatcher, TSPs, call center, and content provider can be easily interchanged.

BMW says the open interface created by NGTP also enables OEMs to continue to provide new services to both legacy vehicles and new models over the entire vehicle lifecycle. Furthermore, OEMs with existing telematics business models, or those launching telematics services in the future, can benefit from the enhanced service offerings and open integration options resulting from this new protocol.