BMW is working on a new in-dash navigation system with training technology to analyze a driver’s habits and then predict future movements and destinations.

The new system, called ILENA (Intelligent Learning Navigation), learns a driver’s habits, “then correlates its current location with the next likely stop and anticipate where the driver intends to go next,” says Motor Authority.

“The way the system works is by recording data on your typical daily commute as far as learning your route, road gradients, curves and braking points. The system also uses a camera to get a visual of your path.” says Daily Tech. ILENA is also designed to improve BMW’s efficiency. “The onboard computer can do some computations and analyses based on the information it gathers and automatically adjusts the car’s performance and power utilization accordingly,” reports. “When this idea is brought to all of the car’s systems, it can effectively lower costs between 5-10 percent.”

Efficient, and intruding. Although it could be up to five years before the ILENA system is available, the automotive blogosphere is buzzing over the system’s potential to both help you and invade your privacy. “One downside to this system is clear — people will lose their privacy as a computer keeps track of every move they make,” says 4WheelsNews. “Whether privacy is worthy exchanging with a few percentages of economy is a good question to ask.”

Motor Authority reports that Andres Winckler, the ILENA project leader, says the system is 80 percent correct at guessing a BMW’s next destination, so not only does ILENA start reading your mind, it has plans to completely take over your driving functions. While tech writers see these innovations as a triumph, auto enthusiasts don’t acknowledge many perks. According to The Truth About Cars, “Apparently, BMW reckons that more people want toys than want (perceived) freedom.”

autoevolution notes, “Fuel savings aside, we really feel ILENA is here to steal our most basic pleasure: driving,” they write. “Choose to have it in your car when it becomes available and your car will become a bus, a simple means of transportation, and you are just a passenger.”

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