The Airports Company of South Africa has announced it is confident the Integrated Rapid Transit line between Cape Town International Airport and the city will be completed on time. The City of Cape Town’s IRT project has been thrown into disarray by a monumental costing bungle. As a result it has been forced to scale back the project and will only focus on three routes, including the airport-city line, to fulfil its 2010 obligations to FIFA.

ACSA Cape Town General Manager Deon Cloete said it received regular updates from the city. “We are closely in contact with the city and obviously…all our planning is done with them. In terms of our discussions we’re very confident that it will be in place,” said Cloete.  Cloete added the project wass running according to schedule. “The airport city link is probably one of the more critical ones and we are aware it is being approached accordingly. As far as we are concerned it’s on track.”