Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) has announced it will provide a contactless ticketing system for the public buses and waterbuses of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The two contracts, awarded by infrastructure developer Energy International, Dubai, have a total value of US$21 million.

The Public Transport Agency and the Marine Agency of the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) will equip their public buses and the piers for their waterbuses with the ACS Arcos fare collection system to simplify travel on public transportation in Dubai.

The new contactless system, which will replace the current paper-based ticketing system, will enable RTA Dubai authorities to share information such as passenger flows across agencies. The system is designed to handle multiple operators and can be expanded to cover larger areas if necessary.

More than 5,200 electronic validators will be installed in approximately 1,200 buses. Bus stations will be equipped with self-service ticket vending machines and waterbus stations with electronically controlled access gates. Handheld ticket inspection devices will help inspectors check electronic tickets.

DATED: 21st August 2007