Ticket applications can either be made over the Internet or by filling out relevant forms at First National Bank branches.

But a release from the World Cup Local Organising Committee yesterday warned that “because unforeseen delays” ticket application forms will not be available at all FNB branches today.

The LOC says that all FNB branches will have received their form quota by Monday and asked soccer fans to be “patient”.

It was also pointed out that the first round of ticket sales was not conducted on a first-come-first-serve basis and all applications received by the closing date on March 31 will have an equal opportunity of their ticket applications being successful.

“But,” grumbled one frustrated buyer, “I hope this delay is not in the nature of a warning of what is going to happen with the World Cup organising in the future.”

In all, there will be five procedures for the World Cup tickets which number over three-million, with the process completed only after all the 32 qualifying teams are known towards the end of next year.

DATED: 20th February 2009