THE attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team has dashed hopes of Pakistan hosting an international team any time soon, and will probably cos t the country the 2011 cricket World Cup. — Kiekie Mboweni, Nkowankowa

# Pakistan terror attack: eye-witness account

Terrorists rule in that part of the world; they have thrown the whole sporting fraternity into shock.

The ICC Champions Trophy tournament that was to have been held in Pakistan was postponed because of security concerns. The Aussies and the Indians refused to travel there for the same reason.

The attacks have cast serious doubt on the sub-continent’s ability to host the Cup.

Terrorists have struck in the mega centres of Mumbai and Lahore, arguably the two busiest cities on the subcontinent, in a space of two months.

The attack has certainly hit the South African authorities hard as we prepare for the biggest sporting event in less than 15 months’ time.

We will be hosting 31 soccer teams and some of them might be a target for terrorist attacks.

The South African intelligence and security agencies will have to up their game to ensure the safety of everyone travelling to play in or watch the games here.

I have enough confidence in our agencies to prevent such attacks from happening during the soccer World Cup.

The security of participants in sports events must be a priority.

AUTHOR: Reader Letter
DATED: 5th March 2009