Transport Minister S‘bu Ndebele has named transport and security as South Africa’s biggest challenges ahead of the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup.

He was speaking at the National Communication Partnership Conference at the Sandton Convention Centre on Monday.

Ndebele reiterated that government will use the transport challenges experienced, during the Confederations Cup, to better prepare the country for the soccer spectacle.

He said government will put plans in place to utilise road, rail, and air transport more effectively during and after the event.

The minster added that security measures were also being put in place to ensure that the country delivers a safe event despite a spate of robberies that has hit the country.

Ndebele also assured taxi operators that they remain part of the country’s World Cup plan and that government would continue to negotiate with them regarding the Bus Rapid Transport system.

AUTHOR: Lelo Mzaca
DATED: 18th August 2009