SABS / TC204

Technical Committee 204 (TC204) was previously known as Sub Committee 71 H (SC71H). ITS Standards in South Africa is now dealt with by SABS / TC204, mirroring the scope of ISO / TC204.


Standardization of information, communication and control systems in the field of urban and rural surface transportation, traveler information, traffic management, public transport, commercial transport, emergency services and commercial services, generally referred to as Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

The work also includes the following aspects of intercity rail transport: intermodal movement of passengers and freight, information systems relating to passenger and freight rail transport, and the use of ITS technology at the intersection of roads and rails (‘grade crossings’ or ‘level crossings’).

The work also does include ITS systems which are completely self-contained in the vehicle and which do not interact with other vehicles or with the infrastructure (differs from ISO/TC 204 scope since this is excluded from ISO/TC 204 as it is included in scope of ISO/TC 22/SC 3).

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