Tough measures launched against road hogs, up to 12 officers at each speed trap.

A National crackdown on speedsters has been launched.

Metro police in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban are increasing the number of traffic officers at speed traps.

Johannesburg Metro police spokesman Wayne Minnaar said: “Motorists caught speeding won’t be given fines but will be arrested and taken to jail and will appear in court.

“We normally have two people on one speed trap, now we have 10 more officers standing by to arrest people caught speeding.”

He said they have increased the number of officers on the road due to accidents and deaths linked to speeding.

Cape Town’s Metro police acting deputy chief of special services Owen Ntsasa said they had raised the number of officers on a shift from 15 to 24. He said: “We now have 10 officers per speed trap instead of two.”

Speed has been blamed for the deaths of 14 people on Gauteng roads alone over the weekend. Five people died in accidents in Ekurhuleni, eight in Johannesburg and one in Pretoria.

Ekurhuleni Metro police spokesman Vusi Mabanga said speeding was suspected to be the main cause of all the fatalities.

He said: “We are clamping down on speedsters and we will have speed traps on all major roads where people are speeding — especially at night and over weekends.”

In the province that gave birth to Zero Tolerance for traffic offences, KwaZulu-Natal, speeding remains a problem.

Road Traffic Inspectorate spokesman Rajen Chinaboo said there has been no decrease in the number of speedsters.

* Arrive Alive said if you are driving at 120km/h you are twice as likely to die in a crash than if you drive at 100km/h, and if you are driving at 130km/h you are three times more likely to die.