An unbelievable period of sustained economic growth and the rise of low-cost airlines have necessitated expansion projects at all of ACSA’s (Airports Company of South Africa) airports, aside from Durban, where a brand new airport is under construction at La Mercy, north of the city.

While the FIFA World Cup certainly has us fast-tracking programs to ensure that no construction is underway during the tournament.

Passengers throughput:
In 2001, South Africa had 20.2 million passengers, passing through its airports a year.
In 2007 that had grown to 32.8 million.
Now they expect to 40 million by 2010 and a startling 52 54 million passengers by 2015. To meet this demand they will spend R10 billion on upgrades before 2010 and further R12 billion by 2012.
All upgrades for new airport in La Mercury will be finished by 2009.

Teams and their fans transportation:
South Africa is up to the challenge of meeting the logistic requirements of the FIFA World Cup, which will see 32 teams and their fans criss-crossing the country. They are already working with the Organizing Committee, the Department of Transport, the airlines and non-ACSA airports to establish capacity.

South African organizations are working to reduce the time it takes passengers from arriving at the airport to boarding the plane to 30 minutes. They are intent on improving service levels by ensuring tat all customer interface people (staff, airlines staff, immigration staff and custom officials) undergo customer care training.

Safety and security systems are also being jacked up. Although any pilfering is concerning, latest statistics show that South Africa compares favorably on a global level in terms of the number of bags per million through security system that are subject to theft. In fact, some leading European airports have pilferage levels that are three times what South African are.

DATED: 3rd December 2008