According to a news report of BUaNews, the South African government has boosted the pace of the negotiation process of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system with the taxi industry.

“The negotiation process will continue. The city of Johannesburg will be assisted to resolve issues around representation on the part of the taxi industry so that negotiations at local level can be fast-tracked,” said Transport Minister Sbu Ndebele on Friday.

This information was given in wake of the National Joint Working Group (NJWG) meeting that was held on Thursday in Pretoria with the taxi industry and civil society.

The BRT system buses had been effective since Monday in Soweto and Johannesburg, in the presence of police.

The minister has stressed that there will not be any incidences of violence.

This assurance was provided by the Minister in the wake of the attacks that happened against the buses last Tuesday following which a police person as well as a civilian had been wounded.