Standards South Africa, the organisation responsible for that country’s official standards, has formally published the SANS 504 and SANS 24535 standards relating to RFID systems in the transportation sector. SANS 24535 provides a framework for electronic registration and identification of vehicles using passive RFID, while SANS 504 describes the criteria applicable to RFID air interfaces that form part of intelligent transport systems.

The SANS 504 and SANS 24535 standards have been accepted in anticipation of the deployment of passive UHF RFID based systems by law enforcement agencies looking to efficiently authenticate vehicle license discs and license plates. They are also used for monitoring individual vehicles as part of traffic management systems aimed at improved road network utilisation, free-flow electronic toll collection and in various other applications.

SANS 504 (ISBN 978-0-626-20464-8) prescribes the air interface protocols for the use of passive UHF RFID technology. Elements of these protocols will be used for traffic monitoring including the detection of vehicle tags by readers deployed along public roads. These protocols eliminate interference between different readers, thus enabling use of several readers in the same regulated frequency band and at the same location, as well as reading data from multiple vehicle tags at speeds in excess of 120 km/h (75 m/h).

The primary focus of the SANS 24535 standard (ISBN 978-0-626-20425-9) is to describe the range of RFID reader-tag scenarios required to support deployment of passive UHF RFID as part of Intelligent Transportation Systems. This includes requirements for electronic tag registration, for interrogators used during tag registration and for readers that are limited to the monitoring and verification of tags. It describes the standards for implementing fixed readers deployed along public roads and for mobile readers used by law enforcement officials. This national standard is based on, and supports, the ISO24535 standard for Basic Electronic Vehicle Registration applications.