To my amazement and shock, I have discovered that we do not have somebody that can give us an update on the 2010 FIFA World Cup that is on our door step.

I took the above picture in 2007, and the stadium is currently 90% complete with the roof all done and looking perfect and ready to roll and I will post an updated picture soon.

Our national team, called Bafana Bafana, has represented us very well in the Confederations Cup and made us very proud when top teams struggled to beat us.

Bafana Bafana National Team
Zulu meaning ‘the Boys’

The South African national team are ranked 68th in the world and 12th in Africa, and are affectionately known as Bafana Bafana to South Africans and will be representing the country at the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

South Africa was admitted back into FIFA only 15 years ago and since then have been fighting hard to regain their footing and respect in the footballing world. They made their first international debut back into the global sporting arena against Cameroon on the 7th July 1992.

Bafana appear to be getting better and building their stride, in April they recorded a momentous 3 – 0 win over Paraguay. This was an unprecedented victory which has gained the team more respect and proved a few critics wrong regarding the team’s capabilities. South Africa and Bafana Bafana will be making World Cup history by being the first African country to host a FIFA World Cup Tournament.

As a result the pressure and spotlight is on them, not only regarding their performance in the tournament as a team, but also the hosting capabilities of South Africa as a country representing the continent for the first time.

Up until April 18th 2008 the Bafana Bafana team was under the coaching of acclaimed Brazilian coach Carlos Alberto Parreira, who has since resigned and has been replaced by Joel Santana.

The team, despite being both shocked and surprised by Parreira’s departure, still feel that their chances of winning the 2010 World Cup are very good. The issue of who will coach South Africa to the 2010 Soccer World Cup has always been a contentious one and Joel Santana has now taken over from Carlos.

We have 256 days to kick off and lets see if we can join our World Cup Rugby counter parts.

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AUTHOR: Laurel Andrews
DATED: 27th September 2009