The 2010 FIFA World Cup Local Organising Committee (LOC) was looking for potential turnkey solutions providers for the construction of 27 new pitches as part of its 2010 Artificial Football Turf programme, which would see the construction of pitches in rural and township areas across South Africa.

The organisation issued a request for information (RFI) in this regard at the weekend.

This comes after the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund, in April, granted R81-million in funds for the programme, which would complement the South African Football Association’s (Safa’s) grass-roots programme by providing much-needed facilities, the LOC reported in an advertisement.

The LOC noted that three pitches, which would be constructed with synthetic surfaces to reduce the cost of upkeep, would be built in each province.

A clubhouse and an office, to be used by the local football community, were also envisaged to be built at each of the sites.

In an earlier press statement published on the LOC’s website, it highlighted that it and Safa had already identified sites where the first nine pitches would be constructed in 2009.

All pitches would have to conform to the FIFA recommended one-star and two-star standards, noted the LOC, adding that preference would also be given to small, medium-sized and microenterprises (SMMEs) or bidders incorporating SMME subcontractors at the different locations.

Interested parties had until May 14 to submit their RFI bid, after which, they would have to attend a compulsory briefing at Safa House, in Johannesburg, on May 19.

PUBLICATION: Engineering News
AUTHOR: Chanel Pringle
DATED: 4th May 2009