H E Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board & Executive Director of Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) passed a decision establishing the Intelligent Traffic Systems Department at Traffic & Roads Agency.

The newly established department will attend to developing traffic technical systems in Dubai.

This decision demonstrates the conviction of the RTA of the importance of modern technology in operating roads network & traffic management through applying state-of-the-art technology, which comes in line with the Strategic Plan aiming at realizing the vision of the RTA to provide ‘safe & smooth transport for all’. Traffic systems have always been part and parcel of these plans.

Engineer Salah Al Marzooqi, Acting Director of Intelligent Traffic Systems Dep’t stated that this Dep’t is the competent body tasked with operation of traffic systems, and applying modern technology to keep pace with the global development in this field through four main sections; namely: Developing & Executing Traffic Systems, Traffic Tariff Systems, Traffic Control Centers, and Maintenance of Traffic Systems.

‘Roles of this Dep’t include overseeing operation of roads network through controlling intersections & electronic boards, managing traffic flow through toll gates (Salik), supervising & designing projects of new traffic systems and attending to their ongoing & sustained development, such as installation of new boards & cameras to monitor traffic, junctions & highways,’ said Al Marzooqi.

He pointed out that Control Centers Section currently operates three centers. The first one is the Main Traffic Systems Control Center; which is responsible for operating traffic junctions in the emirate of Dubai. The second one is Airport Tunnel Control System; which is considered one of the most sophisticated systems in tunnel safety & traffic flow management. The third one is Shindagha Tunnel Control Center.

Al Marzooqi added that the Dep’t will also play a key role in maintaining these systems including preventative maintenance to avert faults, and corrective maintenance of faults mostly caused by traffic accidents.

He stated that the fourth section is responsible for Traffic Tariff Systems; which includes some of the key roles entrusted to the Dep’t launched on the first of July this year. The Toll Gates system is among the globally developed projects introduced by the RTA as one of the integrated projects systems designed to develop roads network & mass transit in the emirate as part of the Strategic Plan of the RTA.

PUBLICATION: www.ameinfo.com
DATED: 20th August 2007