Picture yourself checking the exact location and timing of the bus you are waiting for, not just at the bus stop but also on your cell phone screen.

Also, picture a smart card you can use on buses, the Metro or any of the upcoming transport systems: HCBS, Monorail, Light Rail Transit. A slew of ultra-high-tech measures will be put in place as the Delhi commuter is set to go places, literally.

These will be some of the features of the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) which will be put in place as the multi-modal transport systems High Capacity Bus System, Light Rail Transit and Monorail hit the Capital before the Commonwealth Games, 2010.

The Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS), a special purpose vehicle set up by the Delhi government for introducing these projects after conducting in-house studies, has decided to introduce ITS in the Capital.

DIMTS, which had entered into an agreement with IDFC for floating a joint venture company, will soon be inviting bids for the introduction of ITS in the Capital. The DIMTS will also set up a group which will exclusively monitor the entire programme and is inviting tenders this month for its design and operation.

Talking to Newsline, a senior DIMTS official said ITS will help in improving the efficiency of these services, safety and even relieve congestion. “The usage of ITS is in a very advance stage in foreign countries as they have set up separate authorities to manage the systems, which help drivers take the best navigation route, give weather updates and even give alerts about the accidents which might have taken place enroute and has collision warning devices installed in the vehicles,” said the official.

During the initial phase, DIMTS intends to start the programme with real-time information on the arrival of a vehicle. Electronic route maps will be put up at bus stops, the exact number of passengers boarding the vehicle will be shown to the bus driver, conductor and the control room; its location will be traced on a GPS map in the control room.

“We also intend to introduce a smart card which can be used in any of the transport modes including the Metro. The information about the routes, services will be provided after a SMS query,” a DIMTS official added.