RADWIN, a provider of Backhaul and Broadband Wireless Solutions has reportedly announced that its solutions have been selected by the South African National Roads Agency Limited, or “SANRAL,” for helping in highway traffic surveillance.  SANRAL has installed RADWIN’s links along the R-21 highway in South Africa, and leverages the solution for transmitting video of traffic conditions to the Network Management Centre of the agency. Broadlink, a subsidiary of Wireless Business Solutions, or “WBS,” which is RADWIN’s partner in South Africa helped the company as a communications sub-contractor, while HVC served as the System Integrator for the entire project.

The demand for high quality, Wireless Video Surveillance solutions has increased manifold in recent times, especially after the 9/11 incident and increased terror attacks worldwide. The providers of camera and video analytics technologies have been continuously working at evolving to fulfill the growing demand for high quality, reliable video and security projects.

To provide safe and secure video surveillance services, RADWIN offers wireless, Point-to-Point broadband solutions which leverage sub-6 GHz license-free bands, which ensures instantly deployable, high quality video surveillance in any environment. The solution comprises a robust, dedicated link per camera or per cluster of cameras, which is reliable, scalable and simple to install.

The RADWIN solution suits the needs of both high scale in-city surveillance and wide area security projects, such as traffic surveillance, airports, border control, railways, seaports and gas and oil pipelines. The solution features Point-to-Point and Multiple-Point-to-Point architectures, which meet high quality security project requirements providing optimal results.

According to Hanoch Maskalchi, General Manager, RADWIN EMEA, the company has played a key role with its partner Broadlink, in helping to ensure safety along South Africa’s highways. Maskalchi also said that RADWIN’s systems are extremely simple to install and maintain, and have been designed for high-capacity video transmission from Megapixel cameras, which makes them a natural choice for private and public organizations that need real-time video monitoring and surveillance.

Adolph Tomes, FMS Systems Manager, SANRAL, said that RADWIN’s systems were fast and simple to deploy, and transport high-quality wireless broadband to SANRAL’s traffic management centre. Tomes added that RADWIN’s systems have helped SANRAL in having complete visibility over the R-21 highway and monitoring and responding to traffic incidents quickly.

September this year, RADWIN had announced that Baldwin City School District in Kansas in the United States had deployed its RADWIN 2000 High-Capacity solution to connect the district’s schools and deliver the high-capacity connectivity to help its students to take state exams online. Later, the Arvada Fire Department in Colorado had chosen RADWIN’s systems to connect fire stations to headquarters and provide high-capacity, long-range connectivity.