The next generation of electronic toll collection (ETC) technology in the Sunshine State is a cooperative effort of the members of TEAMFL, which was formed as a collaborative effort between Florida’s expressway authorities and Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise

The new “sticker tag” transponder has not yet been named.

The new sticker tag technology must be adopted by every toll agency for implementation statewide to commence.

Current SunPass technology does not become obsolete with the implementation of the new transponders; instead, the ETC lanes on all facilities will be equipped with dual protocol readers.

Each agency may brand the new tag (i.e. SunPass, E-Pass, O-Pass, and LeeWay).

The existing hard case transponders will continue to be available for customers who prefer the light and audible tone options and the portability offered by the existing transponder.

The Turnpike, as Florida’s largest toll agency, negotiated the price for the new tag on behalf of all agencies; the negotiated price is $8.50 per unit.

Each agency may set the retail price for their branded sticker tag; the SunPass price will be $4.95 plus tax.

Customers that purchase the new sticker tag and complete the registration process will automatically receive a $4.95 rebate, in effect making the new transponder free.

Extensive testing was recently completed on the new transponders and dual protocol reader. This testing included detailed performance and operations tests conducted at the Turnpike’s test facility as well as open road tolling tests conducted at the manufacturing facility in New Mexico.

Each agency will independently test the new transponders during a final field trial lasting approximately two weeks, beginning in February, in live traffic conditions to include open road tolling lanes.

Upon satisfactory completion of testing, a schedule for installation of the dual protocol readers will be implemented.

Upon completion of the installation program, the new transponders will be available to the public for purchase in summer or fall 2008.

The new sticker tag must be affixed to the windshield. It is not portable and cannot be transferred from vehicle to vehicle.

The new transponder does not require batteries.

The new transponder features a greenish-gray color that will blend into most windshields when viewed externally.

Projected sales of the new transponder are expected to reach 600,000 in its first year.

The new transponder should help to increase ETC participation to 75 percent by the end of 2008.