NAVTEQ Features Impressive Customer Solutions and Data Collection Tools at the 2009 ESRI International User Conference - Customer Presentations focusing on key topics will be delivered at the NAVTEQ Booth.

NAVTEQ, the leading global provider of digital map, traffic and location data for in-vehicle, portable, wireless and enterprise solutions, will feature a variety of customer presentations at the 2009 ESRI International User Conference in San Diego, CA (booth #701), July 13-17, 2009.  NAVTEQ is again a Gold Sponsor of the ESRI International User Conference, as well as a platinum sponsor of the Transportation Industry Special Interest Group, and a sponsor of the Federal Reception.

In addition, NAVTEQ geographic analysts will offer rides in enhanced field vehicles outside of the San Diego Convention Center (Hall D).  Attendees will learn about NAVTEQ’s standard toolkit of advanced proprietary software, as well as the multi-view camera video systems and other equipment used to capture up to 260 data attributes.

Customer presentations will be delivered during exhibit hours in the NAVTEQ booth and will touch on a variety of topics including Emergency Response, Government, Retail, Transportation, and Utilities.

Emergency Response Presenters:

  • Intrado – Positron:  Mapping for NextGen 9-1-1
    Intrado has developed a robust portfolio of solutions using intelligent mapping applications for location of emergency calls.  Intrado’s use of NexGen 9-1-1 successfully integrates emerging technologies into legacy safety and security systems.  In addition, the nation relies on Intrado, more than any other organization, so that 9-1-1 calls are efficiently routed to the right 9-1-1 call center, regardless of device, protocol, or location.
  • NVision Solutions, Inc.:  The NVision All-Hazards Network
    HazNet is a real-time, GIS and web-based, common operating picture for Emergency Operations Centers who implement the National Incident Command System.  In addition to ICS-compliance HazNet provides advanced disaster modeling including the world’s first pure web version of the NOAA/EPA ALOHA Model.

Government Presenters:

  • GIS Solutions, Inc.:  The Best of Both Worlds – Creating and Maintaining a Hybrid Dataset of Commercial and Local Data for State Government
    Deciding to invest in a “homegrown” data product or migrate to a commercial data product     can be a difficult decision for many government agencies. GIS Solutions will describe four     real-world scenarios for commercial data integration and evaluate the pros and cons of  each scenario.

Retail Presenters:

  • Sun Microsystems, Inc.:  Fundamental and Advanced Applications of NAVTEQ Data at Sun Microsystems
    An overview will be given of Sun Microsystems’s use of NAVTEQ data for facilities management, real estate portfolio planning and other location/network-related optimization studies for business decision analysis.

Transportation Presenters:

  • Applied Data Consultants, Inc.:  Automated Delivery Zone Mapping and Routing:  Solving Complex Delivery Problems in a High Volume, Fast-Paced Environment
    Automated Delivery Zone Mapping and Routing (ADZMAR) is a suite of programs     using ESRI’s ArcGIS Technology designed by Applied Data Consultants, Inc. (ADC).      ADZMAR uses NAVTEQ’s Standard US Streets to geocode customer addresses and     create a complex network of delivery routes to the specifications of the client.      Currently, ADC uses ADZMAR to create delivery routes for the nation’s leading     distributor of telephone books.
  • ESRI:  Desktop to Dashboard Routing Efficiency with ArcLogistics and NAVTEQ
    Learn the step-by-step processes necessary to implement an enterprise GIS routing and navigation solution using ArcLogistics and ArcLogistics Navigator powered by NAVTEQ® map data. ESRI’s ArcLogistics™ and ArcLogistics Navigator™ help to manage fleets efficiently and reduce delivery routing costs.
  • FedEx Custom Critical: Using The ArcGIS Flex API for Tracking and Situational Awareness
    The ArcGIS Flex API provides Flex developers with a simple but powerful APU to create     highly dynamic, interactive, and rich internet applications on top of the ArcGIS Server.      This session will demonstrate an application developed in Flex that provides real-time     Tracking and Situational Awareness for fleet of vehicles.  Design of the application and a     code walk-through will be provided including the usage of the ArcGIS Flex API as well as     the related ArcGIS Server GeoProcessing components.

Utilities Presenters:

  • RouteSmart Technologies, Inc.:  NAVTEQ Street Data – Helping to Make the Business Case for Utility Route Optimization
    RouteSmart solutions accompanied by NAVTEQ’s accurate street mapping data make managing your routes in this changing environment automated and efficient.  This presentation will provide an overview of how NAVTEQ data is making the business case for RouteSmart’s GIS based routing optimization tools for the utility industry.

“The NAVTEQ booth at the 2009 ESRI International User Conference will feature some of our most innovative customers, as well as provide a first-hand look at how NAVTEQ data is collected.” commented Roy Kolstad, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Americas, NAVTEQ.   “Additionally, attendees will learn how NAVTEQ map data and products can benefit their business in several different industry verticals and ESRI enterprise software applications.”

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NAVTEQ is the leading global provider of digital map, traffic and location data that enables navigation and location-based platforms around the world.  NAVTEQ supplies comprehensive digital map information to power automotive navigation systems, portable and wireless devices, Internet-based mapping applications and government and business solutions.  The Chicago-based company was founded in 1985 and has approximately 4,000 employees located in 190 offices and in 39 countries.

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DATED: 13th July 2009