Advantages & Benefits

Member Services and Benefits

ITS South Africa is proud to offer a wide-ranging suite of benefits and services for Members and we are committed to continuously add new or improve current service offerings. The earlier introduction of the regular Tender Alert is an example of services that bring tangible benefits to our members.

The member services and benefits are listed below.

Member interaction and Networking

ITS South Africa facilitates interaction between members local and international specialists in the field. This assists members in selecting and implementing their own systems and to networking with the main ITS users and developers in Southern Africa.

Members Directory

One of the new services is a Members Directory. It will consist of an alphabetical listing of all paid-up members and include the e-mail address of the primary (or otherwise designated) representative and a link to the member’s website. Phase 2 will be a feature to search for Members by means of an Industry Sector category.

Promoting your Products and Services

Even though part of the ITS business is based on competitive tenders, member companies expressed the need to promote and market their products and services through the communication channels of ITS South Africa. ITSSA will shortly issue a Request for Proposals where member companies can put in bids to participate in a number of marketing opportunities. There will ensure equitable access for all Members and there will be options form big, medium and small companies.

Tender Alert

ITS South Africa assists members, from both “buyer” and “seller” perspective, to identify business opportunities through its regular Tender Alert service.

Industry news

By constantly providing members with local and international news items related to the usage of related technologies through weekly updates.

Education and Training

Education and training opportunities are provided through the ITS Centre of Excellence and through partnership with academic institutions. For accredited workshops and conferences, members will receive Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points.

i-Transport and UATP Conference and Exhibition

An expanded member benefit follows from the agreement with the Africa Chapter (the UATP) of the International Public Transport Association (the UITP) to co-host the February 2017 i-Transport Conference and Exhibition. This opens new doors into Africa, as well as to public sector stakeholders active in the fields of ITS and Public Transport. Watch out for the coming formal announcement!

ITS Acronyms and Definitions

ITSSA has developed a document with a comprehensive list of ITS-related acronyms and definitions. This will be shared with members as a downloadable pdf-document, and members will be able to submit suggested additions for future versions of the document.

Advocacy Role

ITSSA works towards growing the industry to the benefit of all members by playing an advocacy role by engaging with Government, International transport-related bodies such as the International Road Federations and specialist bodies such as IBEC (International Benefit, Evaluation and Cost Working Group.

MOU’s with National ITS Associations

ITS South Africa establishes working relationships with National ITS Associations in other countries to contribute towards opening up business opportunities.

ITS Africa

As a Founder Member of ITS Africa together with ITS Ethiopia and ITS Nigeria, ITSSA is engaged in networking and lobbying to promote ITS deployment on the continent to support members looking to conduct more business in Africa. This is a visionary project that will deliver positive benefits in the years to come.

CPD points: Access to Education and Training Opportunities

The Annual Programme contains several opportunities to participate in education and training seminars and workshops. Several of these are accredited for CPD points. The Annual Programme is listed on the website and is updated from time to time as events are added or dates change.

Board Representation

Member companies are entitled to vote for board members including the opportunity to serve on this board and so join the leadership and assist with portfolios.

Other member benefits

  • Workshops/Capacity-building on issues of topical interest;
  • Training/skills development opportunities;
  • Opportunity to earn Continuous Professional Development (CPD) credits towards professional registration;
  • Opportunity to present at workshops on innovations, solutions and achievements relevant to the broader ITS industry;
  • Tender Alerts are distributed regularly informing members of open invitations to submit bids, Request for Proposal and
  • Expression of Interest requests;
  • Members van also use the Tender Alert to announce tenders that they have issued;
  • Preferential rates to attend ITSSA events;
  • Networking and knowledge sharing via the various meetings;
  • Advertising vacancies and/or circulating CVs
  • Tactical business intelligence by means of the Weekly Industry News;
  • Sharing in ITSSA matters via access to the ITSSA website;
  • Access to the Knowledge Management archive on the website; and
  • Staying abreast of events and opportunities, locally and abroad, by means of the regular ITSSA Newsletter.

Help grow the Industry

Members must ask the question “What is ITSSA doing for me?” We trust that the above unequivocally answer this. Please also ask the question of how you can help grow the ITS industry.

The future of the ITS industry is determined by all those who participate! If you’re not yet a member, please click here to join, and send a mail to