The Society is aimed at all facets of business, the academic community and government which have a stake in the application of technology to transportation. These are typically corporations involved in the provision of transportation infrastructure, products and/or services. Research institutions and tertiary education institutions can contribute their insights and innovations in the field of transportation as members of the ITS South Africa.

Members are representative of the entire transport industry in Southern Africa. Membership also includes government transportation agencies at all levels (national, provincial, metropolitan and local) with the responsibility for the deployment, oversight and management of transportation infrastructure.

As a membership-based organisation, ITS South Africa is mandated to serve the interests of its members and a secondary mandate to strengthen the South African ITS industry. The website is one of the tools in delivering on its mandate.

Access to web-based information is two-fold. Privileged and competitive information, including tenders and business opportunities, is provided to paid-up members based on a user name and password while other information is open access.



  1. Membership Invoices are payable on presentation.
  2. If membership invoices are not paid within 3 months, ITSSA reserves the right to suspend and then cancel membership benefits. 
  3. Cancellations must be received within 1 month of date of issue.  If no cancellation is received within a month, you will be liable to settle the full account.