The South African National Road Agency (SANRAL) has issued a Prequalification Notice for a large CEN compliant microwave toll tag supply opportunity, involving the supply and maintenance of toll tags for the Gauteng Open Road Tolling system and all other toll roads in South Africa. It is envisaged that successful Applicants will be allowed to tender in batches to supply and maintain approximately one million toll tags.

The Prequalification process is to prequalify applicants, who will tender, in a subsequent tag tender, to supply tags that meet the requirements of SANRAL. Applications are invited from suitably qualified and experienced entities (companies, joint ventures, consortiums or partnerships) that meet the prequalification requirements.

The Prequalification Documentation (PDQ) together with applications forms to be completed by applicants, is currently available for download from the SANRAL website:

DATED: 9th April 2009