Metro police must have permission to use speed cameras on specific roads in Johannesburg, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) said on Wednesday.

Applications to set up camera traps on roads have to be given to the NPA for approval after existing licences expired on Monday, said Gauteng NPA head Charin de Beer.

“A re-application for each area must be submitted and will be approved if they meet specific criteria. Some applications have been accepted, others have been sent back with queries.”

De Beer said that by Wednesday, 45 applications had been accepted.

More applications were expected to be submitted and licences were valid for one year, she said.

De Beer suggested that motorists who wanted to confirm if the ticket issued from a camera was licensed to trap on a specific road could speak to the traffic prosecutor at their local magistrate’s court.

“This does not apply to tickets issued by officers on foot,” she said.

Spokesperson for the Johannesburg metro police, Superintendent Wayne Minnaar, said that when the department was made aware of the lapse of licences, all cameras were suspended.

“All officers who deal with speed law enforcement were instructed to carry out their duties manually,” said Minnaar.

Using handheld speed measuring devices, Metro police will issue fines to offending motorists on the spot.

“We have applied for licences for 140 sites in Johannesburg so far, and believe they are in the process of being approved,” said Minnaar.