ITSSA Newsletter – 11 June 2020

Utilising Drones in the Transport Environment 

The recent ITSSA webinar on drones discussed some of the exciting possibilities in the transport environment.

• The presentation by Richard Matchett (Aurecon) looked at using drones in the road environment;

•  The presentation by Jacob Rambuda (Gautrain) focused on the rail environment.


Safeguarding Commuters During Covid-19

More than 1 200 deaths and more than 55 000 infections point to the seriousness of Covid-19. Close to our environment, protecting public transport commuters is one of our priorities. If you have missed this webinar, you can access the Gautrain presentation and the  short video clip showing onsite readiness inspection.

• Tshepo Kgobe’s presentation

• Onsite inspection video clip.


Gautrain’s 10-year Celebration

This week is the 10-year celebration of Gautrain being operational. Gautrain has changed the face of public transport, introduced a world-class public transport option to commuters and has stimulated urban renewal and economic development. Big congratulations to the GMA team.

Click here for the 30 seconds celebration video clip.

ITSSA Technology & Innovation Reports

Digitisation in all aspects of life has accelerated almost beyond belief and the many aspects envisaged under the 4th Industrial Revolution are becoming everyday practice. ITSSA, in re-aligning its strategy and action plans has shifted the weight of activities and projects to digital platforms. One such new activity is regular Technology & Innovation Reports. Once distributed, the ITSSA Technology & Innovation Reports can be accessed in the members area of the website under the “Tech & Innov Report” tab from the home page. One of the circulated reports dealt with the car of the future. To see all the reports, use the link below.

Click here to download.


New Solutions

Although the various levels of lockdown have disrupted much of what the ITS industry did before, there are exciting new ways of doing things opening up. We look forward to exciting times ahead in partnership with all our members. For every new challenge, we need to come up with new and innovative solutions!

 Membership renewal forms will be sent out soon, which will also request you to indicate in which industry sectors you are involved in, and to send news about projects you are engaged with.


Member News

Sanral warns public of tender scam

The South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) says it has been made aware of a scam inviting members of the public to tender on its contracts and asserts that the invitation to tender is fraudulent and did not legitimately emanate from its officials.

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Mbombela in Mpumalanga gets AFC system

Mbombela is the capital city of the South African Mpumalanga state. In its first project with Buscor Mbombela, Kentkart South Africa brought together the residents of the city and the “Automated Fare Collection System” as of March 1, 2020 by installing Kentkart On-Board Computer and QR Validators on a total of 450 vehicles. The system includes Vehicle Tracking, Mobile Passenger Information, and Mobile Payment applications. Public transportation vehicles will be smoothly used with the help of smart cards in this system. Furthermore, due to QR technology, Mobile Ticket and Mobile Payment that can work with NFC enabled mobile phones will provide facility for the residents as well as tourists.

• Click here for more information about the AFC project in Mbombela

• Click here  to contact Adam Gülüm, Kentkart South Africa or visit


lmost two-thirds of ITS community severely impacted by Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the local intelligent transport system (ITS) community, says Intelligent Transport Society South Africa (ITSSA) CEO Dr Paul Vorster.

ITTSA conducted a survey among its members on the new normal brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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NALE Technologies

ITSSA welcomes NALE Technologies as a new member.

Their focus is on Electronic Payment and  Information Management.  They are represented by Thabo Nale who has 10 years’ experience in providing ITS Technical Advisory services to Municipalities and public transport operators.  You can contact Thabo at or