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• Special Interest Group On Big Data

• Programme of Coming Events

• National Road Traffic Law Enforcement Code

• Twentieth Annual Road Traffic and Transport legislation Workshop

• Taking Action to Mitigate Congestion

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Special Interest Group On Big Data

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni said SA would need to gear up for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and that this would inform some of the decisions taken in the Budget. True to his word, while tabling his Budget speech, he stressed the need to invest in tech and digital skills.

Government embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution is good news and it will open up new ITS opportunities.

The recent workshop on Connecting the Dots: Transport Data and Cyber Security paved the way for several exciting ITS challenges and the Special Interest Group (SIG) on Big Data and related issues will be the tool to channel such initiatives. 

You are cordially invited to the inaugural meeting of the SIG on Big Data. The SIG will also cover Cyber Security and aspects related to Big Data and Smart Cities. The inaugural meeting is scheduled for 6 March 2019  at the Gautrain Management Agency (GMA) in Midrand. The SIG will develop an action plan to facilitate a strategic framework for embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution and related developments around Big Data, Cyber Security, Smart Cities, and so on. 

Attendance is free, but registration is required because seating is limited.

Registration closes on Friday 1 March.

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Programme of Coming Events

A number of excellent capacity-building and knowledge-sharing event will be hosted during the year. Please diarise the events of interest and plan to participate.

For ease of reference we include some external events as well.

Click here to download the Annual Programme of Events.


National Road Traffic Law Enforcement Code

The Department of Transport and the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) published the National Road Traffic Law Enforcement Code (NRTLEC) in Government Gazette No. 42230 of 15 February 2019.

Section 32 of the RTMC Act, 20 of 1999 requires that the RTMC develops the Code and publish it for comment.

Gazette is available at

ITS South Africa is preparing a submission to the RTMC.


20th Annual Road Traffic and Transport Legislation Workshop

The Twentieth Annual Road Traffic and Transport Legislation Workshop will be hosted on the following dates:

• 21 May 2019  – Stellenbosch (Protea Hotel, Techno Park)

• 23 May 2019  – Durban (Garden Court, Marine Parade)

• 6 June 2019  – Pretoria (CSIR)



Taking Action to Mitigate Congestion

Congestion is a very serious issue with significant consequences, and it requires a coordinated response from multiple stakeholders.

ITSSA invites you to participate in a one day workshop titled “Taking Action to Mitigate Congestion” in Cape Town on 3 April 2019.

This workshop aims to be an initial step in establishing broader collaboration amongst the wide spectrum of influential stakeholders.

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Member News

GFIP a means to unlock economic growth

The objective of the multi-phase Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) was, and still is, to develop a sustainable and self-funded upgrade and expansion programme for the main Gauteng freeway network. The GFIP utilises the user pays principle to collect fees in order to service the repayment of funding raised to develop the project. However, due to low compliance, SANRAL is not currently continuing with the next phases of the project.

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CT motorists with outstanding traffic fines warned

The City of Cape Town is revving up efforts to track down drivers with outstanding traffic fines and warrants. The City’s Traffic Service has had more operational resources to deployed under its Operation Reclaim.

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SANRAL Launches Technical Innovation Hub

DURBAN – In rising to the challenge of rapidly evolving Smart Road Technologies and global innovation, SANRAL has established the Technical Innovation Hub (TIH) which is driven from the Western Region Office in Cape Town.

Although not a physical space, the TIH can be likened to a think tank of young intellectuals, mentored by senior professional engineers, and inspired by the possibilities that exist when technology is harnessed to improve lives and promote progressive development in transport.

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Flx, South Africa, one of the finalists for Factory1 Accellerator

Flx is a platform that can organise the transport of commuters that work at the same company. The platform allows to supplement public transport with private or shared transit solutions. Flx provides this service as a „Software as a Service“ platform.

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This is why Capetonians are spending so long stuck in traffic

Population growth and a deteriorating train service were among the reasons Capetonians gave for the lengthy periods of time they were stuck in traffic in 2018, the City of Cape Town said.

Purchase told News24 a multi-pronged approach was required to address traffic congestion because new roads would not alleviate the problem on its own.

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