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International management expert Peter Drucker famously said that “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” The tools to achieve this, include marketing and branding. Often one of the toughest parts of running a business is getting the word out to the right customers.

The tougher business conditions are, the more one should use the opportunity to network and build one’s brand and strategically position your company for an upswing. In support of our members, ITS is proud to announce the i-Marketplace where we assist in connecting ITS business. One project under this umbrella is the Members Directory.

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Complete Member Listing (A – Z)
African Chapter
Advanced Vehicle Safety Systems
Commercial Vehicle Operations
Electronic Payment
Information Management
Maintenance & Construction Management
Public Sector
Public Transportation Management
Travel & Traffic Management


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Automobile Association of Namibia Hileni David
City of Windhoek Fillemon Hambuda
City Police Chief Kanime
Kampala City Council Authority Jacob Byamukama
Ministry of Works & Transport Asteria Nasheya
MVA Sidney Boois
Namibia Traffic Police Commissioner Ludwig
National Road Safety Council Eliphas !Owos-Oab
NUST Rian Uusizi
Roads Authority Wilfried Brock
RFA Executive Team Ali Ipinge