India accounts for 10% of the worlds 1.2 million annual road deaths a two-day seminar on `Mobility and Safety in Road Transport’ in New Delhi in early October was told. Union Minister of State for Road Transport and the Geneva-based International Road Federation (IRF) organised the seminar.

The IRF said the claim was based on the Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways 2006 statistics. These show 105,749 fatalities on India’s roads for that year. India has an increasing number of cars on an increasingly stressed road system which develops potholes within months of being laid.

Poor construction problems are worsened by the annual rains and the easy availability of licenses without proper tests. “Experts expressed the need for both stricter driving tests and better roads. They said that children and adults should be given education on traffic sense so that the number of accidents on Indian roads would be cut down by half over the next few years,” said an IRF report.