COVID-19: BRT commences sterilisation of buses daily, deploys sanitizers

Publication source: The Nation

The Primero Transport Services Limited, operator of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), on Monday commenced daily sterilisation of all surfaces within and without its buses to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the state.

The General Manager (Operations) of the firm, Mr Segun Anako, said this at a news conference jointly addressed by him and the Managing Director of the firm, Mr Fola Tinubu in Lagos.

According to him, the company is aware of the safety concerns of all Nigerians regarding the COVID-19 virus and we have taken steps to ensure that we reduce the spread as much as possible.

“What we have done as an organisation is to contract Infinity Services to carry out a thorough cleaning and sterilisation of all surfaces within and outside our buses to ensure that they are free from viruses and germs.

“We have provided hand sanitizers that will be available to our passengers, and in addition, all our bus drivers, inspectors and ticketing officers will always be required to wear protective masks and gloves.

“Daily temperature checks of all staff will be embarked upon before commencing operations and any staff found with above normal temperatures will be asked to get medical clearance before resumption duties.

“We are also discussing with the state government to facilitate a daily disinfection of the bus-stops,” Anako said.

The general manager urged commuters to swift to the use of electronics card for payment of fares instead of cash and paper tickets to further reduce the risks of transmitting the virus.

“We are encouraging the use of electronic cards for payment on our buses against cash and paper tickets.

“This will help in minimising the spread of the virus as contacying the virus is higher through cash and paper,” he said.

Anako called on all well-meaning Lagos residents to support the efforts of the state government in ensuring that the virus did not spread further through human interactions and contact.

He urged passengers to ensure that they comply with the Lagos State Government’s directive of not more than 50 persons in any gathering.

The general manager urged commuters to ensure that they practise the social distancing technique of keeping a space of at least a meter between themselves and the next person on the queue.

“On our part, we are ensuring that we do not carry above the recommended passenger limits and our staff members have been mandated to restrict entry once that capacity has been reached,” he added.

Speaking on electronic cards for payment of fares, Mr Kelechi Nwaoba, the Group Head, Transaction Banking and Corporation Solutions, Sterling Bank Plc, said that the card was free and could be used for any transaction just like any ATM card.

Nwaoba, whose company is in partnership with Primero, said that the bank had already installed  validators in several buses and they were working well.

According to him, commuters can pick up the cards with Sterling Bank agents across various bus stations along the corridor and get onboarded.

He said that the electronic cards would not only reduce the vulnerability of contracting Coronavirus but also would promote transparency and end the challenge of getting balance for commuters.

Speaking, the Managing Director of the firm, Mr Fola Tinubu, said that the management would ensure strict adherence to all the directives meant to curb the spread of the virus.

Tinubu said that the company would be educating commuters at each shelter about the virus.