Connecting the Dots – Transport Data and Cyber Security

Call for Presentations
The concept of “Smart Cities” revolves around the interconnection of different operators from domains of activity such as transport, energy, health and infrastructure, who all rely on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems to collect, retrieve, process, and exchange data in order to improve their services and the quality of life of citizens. Cyber-physical devices, communication networks and central servers optimise the transport service up to a certain degree of automation. With data becoming the “fuel” of transport planning and operations.

To date, the focus was more on interoperability and less so on safeguarding data. Given the escalating threats, Cyber Security has therefore become an area of vital interest for ITS professionals.

With a range of stake holders collecting data from multiple sources for diverse purposes a he “Data Lake” has developed with both historical and real- and semi-real data The emphasis has shifted from collecting the data to mining and using the massive trove of data to apply it to find new and better solutions to transport challenges.

This poses the challenge: How do we “connect the dots” and do so safely and securely?


This workshop will explore the action steps towards a Virtual Transport Data Warehouse. We need find ways to move to a situation in the transport and data management area where the whole is more than the sum of the parts.

Delegates will earn a full CPDS point from this workshop.

The workshop will be hosted in Gauteng area on 14 February 2018. Please diarise the date.

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