Transport Minister Sibusiso Ndebele says: “The implementation of Aarto and the Points Demerit System throughout South Africa will certainly reduce lawlessness on our roads” and “Aarto will also improve the overall safety of road users and encourage responsible road behaviour.”

Ag shame! Please wake up and smell the flowers Mr S. The people working for you are totally incompetent. All they can do is guard speed trap cameras.

How do you ever think you will be able to alleviate the chaos on our roads by only enforcing one traffic regulation namely “speed”? You also know that most of the taxi drives never gets prosecuted. Who are the real killers on the road? The drivers who make an illegal U turn, causing a head-on collision, or a driver who drives 72 in a 60 zone; a taxi driving over a stop sign killing all its occupants or speed; a driver passing on the shoulder of the road killing pedestrians or speed.

Since the people working for Mr S have decided not to prosecute any traffic regulation except speeding, our roads has become chaos. In SA you can do anything you want as long as you keep to the speed limit. You can impregnate your neighbour’s wife; just don’t exceed the speed limit. (PS: Just remember to say sorry).

Give me 200 educated metro officers and I will make Pretoria unbearable for road users that think they are above the law.

My suggestion

Start a web page/blog/twitter and encourage law obeying citizens to blow the whistle on hot spots in their area where people disobey traffic regulations. (stop sings, traffic lights, solid lines, illegal u turns, etc.) Use this info and send out the cavalry.

Start with about 50 groups of three to four metro officers. Each group then hits a hot spot for no longer than two hours before moving on to the next one. Fifty groups can visit at least 150 spots per eight hour day. This is 3 000 hits per month randomly – excluding weekends. The motorists will never know where you’re going to hit next, even the most remote stop sign.

Also use the brilliant technology available: mobile cameras connected to red lights, video cameras at stop signs, solid lines etc. Use the CSIR to develop technologies to assist the metro police.

Come on Mr S, start to get the ball rolling. Why do you ignore all the traffic regulations except speed? Or is it because it’s a money making cash cow for the metro.

DATED: 11th February 2010