In Spite of the invective being hurled at all and sundry by irate taxi drivers and outraged taxi associations over the introduction of the Bus Rapid Transit system and louder and ever more vociferous threats of strikes, the carnage directly caused by the taxi industry continues. - Sue Richardson, Johannesburg

# Gauteng premier warns taxi industry

# Taxis ‘have no rights over BRT routes’

Two serious taxi accidents (at least) in the past few days, leaving many dead or badly injured, are not a great advertisement, or marketing campaign for these coffins on wheels. Injured people cannot work, hospitals and medical staff, both public and private, become overburdened in trying to fix the damage caused by either bad driving, alcohol-fuelled bravado behind the wheel, or overloading unroadworthy vehicles.

Yup, all those factors can be involved where taxi accidents are concerned. The impact on the economy cannot be described as healthy.

With dedicated bus lanes, a fixed timetable (hopefully), and pre-determined, safe stopping places, why should the BRT not succeed? To unsafe taxis and unscrupulous taxi drivers and taxi associations, to borrow a well-worn South African phrase: “sorry for you”!