Johannesburg – Plans to ensure the expansion of the Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) services are on track, the city of Johannesburg says.

Spokesperson Gaby Tugwana said: “[The] city remains committed to the expansion of Rea Vaya…[and] is committed to this programme.

“Since the launch of the trunk service, commuters and residents have continuously urged the city to ensure that the system has a wider reach.”

The city had been busy with study tours, workshops, information sharing sessions and other activities with the taxi industry since 2006.

“This culminated in a formal negotiation process, being facilitated by a highly-skilled negotiation team… A substantial number of taxi owners have registered to be part of Rea Vaya and are engaging in the formal negotiation process.”

All Rea Vaya buses are currently driven by former taxi drivers following extensive training.

A member of the mayoral committee for transport, Rehana Moosajee, said: “This is testimony that the city has no intention of alienating the taxi industry, while at the same time endeavours to improve public transport for commuters and residents.”

She reiterated that the city continued to talk to all parties who felt they need further understanding of the project.