At least 89 percent of South Africans believe the 2010 Fifa World Cup will benefit the country, according to a survey released on Wednesday.

This was two percent higher than in January, according to African Response’s 2010 Barometer.

Support for the event was highest in Durban at 86 percent, followed by Johannesburg at 84 percent and Cape Town with 68.

The survey, of 1200 South Africans of various backgrounds, measured the nation’s awareness and opinions of the World Cup. The first reading was taken in March 2006 and since then results had been released every three months.

Up to 88 percent of Johannesburg residents were the strongest believers in the significance of the event. Durbanites were second in line with 85 percent believing the event was significant, while only 65 percent of Capetonians thought so.

At least 85 percent of those polled said they would watch the Fifa games on television. Ninety percent of Durbanites intended watching them on TV and 89 percent of Johannesburg residents.

Only 53 percent of respondents intended watching a live match, three percent less than in the last survey.

When asked about infrastucture, 64 percent believed SA’s roads would be ready in time for the event. Confidence in public transport had decreased from 72 percent at the last reading to 70 percent.

Sixty percent of the 1200 people polled believed the country would be able to supply enough electricity for the event, an increase of five percent since the last survey.

Asked about policing, 53 percent of Pretoria residents had faith in the country’s security, compared to 76 percent of Johannesburg residents.

At least 78 percent of South Africans believe the stadiums would be completed on time.

DATED: 6th May 2009